A New Way to Service a Bike

Obviously, we recommend our own service and the clue is in our name Cycleservice that our focus is all about servicing as a support to keep you cycling. But we have extended our service to incorporate our new DIY Workshop & Tuition.

This is available for those customers that want to either carry out their own repairs or wish to do so and need a little help on the way. We are all about promoting cycling generally and particularly the enjoyment that it offers and believe that this service will enhance the overall experience.

A new way to service your bike

Hire our fully equipped DIY workshopDIY workshop hire & mechanical adviceLeave it to usFull service or bike build with tuition

Bike Consultancy

In addition to our standard Buy a Bike – “Click & Collect Service” and DIY Workshop some of our customers may wish to take advantage of the experience and skills in our team and get that little bit of extra help.

This may include, but not limited to:

What type and brand of bike to buy
Where to buy it from
What size to buy
Advice on bike fitting
A Full Bespoke bike build

Each customer is individual and has differing requirements and therefore we offer this as a full bespoke service and is charged at our workshop hourly rate of £40 per hour. A discount will be given if other services are used.

DIY Workshop and Tuition

We have a dedicated Customer Workshop area in the shop available to hire in addition to our main workshop. Why struggle with the wrong tools in a dark cold garage or get oil and grease on the kitchen floor.

This service offers professional tools and equipment along with access to a nearby mechanic and parts if required. Oil, greases, and lubes are available to use and included in the price.

Free Tea & Coffee is available and all our customers who utilise this service will get 10% off parts and accessories during the hire period as well as benefiting from our usual Price Match policy.

We are happy for customers to supply their own parts as well.

We offer 3 Levels of Hire and pricing for this service:

1. Basic DIY

This is aimed at the experienced home mechanic who knows what to do and just wants access to our professional workshop and maybe some parts on the side.

Hire Charge £9.50 for the 1st Hour and £2 per 15 minutes thereafter.

2. DIY with Assistance

This is aimed at those customers that may have some knowledge and want to give it a go and use this as a learning experience. As well as the basic hire above this includes some interaction with a trained mechanic.

This will involve an initial discussion about the work that the customer plans to do along with choice of tools and any parts required. The mechanic will be in the shop for the entire period and be on call if you need any tips along the way and to check all looks safe before you leave.

Hire Charge £20 for the 1st hour and £4 per 15 minutes thereafter.

3. Full Tuition

For the less experienced and budding home mechanic this offers the best way to learn with a full tutorial 1 to 1 experience with the aim of getting the planned job completed and learning to do it alone for next time.

This can encompass a range of bike servicing and repair jobs up to the full bespoke bike build.

Each experience will be individually priced and would make an excellent present for the bike enthusiast.

As an example, a full Road Bike Service taking a minimum of 2 hours would be priced at £75 plus parts.

And of course, if you don’t fancy any of the above you can always let us service your bike.

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