Price Match & Fitting Parts

Here at Cycle Service we strongly believe that customers are better off shopping locally, it helps support the local economy and provides local employment. We value our place in the community and don’t want customers to feel “short changed” by shopping with us. With this in mind we run a Price Match Scheme where we agree to match any UK based supplier for bikes, parts and accessories. Any item we price match must meet the following criteria.

  • The product must be a current item available in stock with the UK supplier. If it is a discontinued or a previous model year, it must still be available from the UK supplier.
  • If the product we are price matching needs assembling and a pre-delivery check before use, we will include our current price for that service as displayed in store.
  • A bicycle that has been price matched will not automatically qualify for our lifetime free servicing offer.
  • If there are any delivery charges / buyers premium / commissions etc we will include this in our price so the price you would pay the competitor is the same as the price you pay us.
  • We reserve the right to contact the seller to verify the price / availability / accuracy etc.
  • Non new items, ex-demonstrators, display stock, returns and all online auction sites do not qualify.
  • The competitor’s prices need to be publicly available to all customers. For us to verify these prices, they need to be displayed in the competitor’s website
  • Where the item does not match our criteria we will do our very best to be competitive in terms of price, quality and service. We reserve the right to decline the price promise at our own discretion.

Happy to fit your parts bought elsewhere.

If you did not want to take us up on our Price Match then why not let us fit your parts. We are more than happy to fit parts bought elsewhere on a labour only basis and we will still offer our 6 month guarantee for workmanship.

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